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Updated on: 18 Apr 2017

Please submit a proposal for the 2018 World Conference.  You may use this link to submit a proposal for either the ISO Conference, LSS Conference, or both. SUBMIT A PROPOSAL

Live Webinar 
A Step-by-Step Guide to
ISO 9001:2015 Transition

Live Webinar 
ISO 9001:2015
Management Training


The ISO 9000 World Conference, hereby referred to as "The Conference," admits attendees, speakers, and Committee Members of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. The Conference does not discriminate in administration of its education policies, admission policies in any of the Conference administered programs. The Conference prohibits any political or religious discussions as a part of technical presentations. 

“ISO 9001 is used by millions of people and organisations around the world and the upcoming 2015 revision will have a big impact on those who work with the standard.

The impact of this revision will be similar to, if not greater than the 2000 edition, which was a major change for accreditation bodies, certification bodies, training organisations, implementing organisations, procurement organisations, consultants and customers.”

An excerpt from IRCA Resources on “ISO 9001: IRCA Supporting the 2015 Revision”, October 2013