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Mercina Jobin

Senior Quality & Transformation Analyst, Interfacing Technologies, Montreal, QC, Canada

Co-Presenter: Scott Armstrong, Partner, Interfacing Technologies, Montreal, QC, Canada


Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Initiative in the Post-Covid Age

Digitalization has reached the highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing, etc. accelerated by the urgency to adapt in the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. The results are that regulated industry and companies are needing to evolve faster than they are used to, one department that is feeling this pressure is the Quality Management. The ability to leverage the potential of data to master processes and products as differentiator has been understood for a long time, but the challenge was the drive to transform and the time and cost efforts to complete these transformation.

Hence, why we seek to empower organizations to efficiently govern business complexity through process based quality, performance and compliance management solutions.

This presentation will discuss the many DOs and DONTs of transformation projects, focused on the benefits of the long-term vision, including why organizations should focus on a single platform covering the full spectrum of quality, improvement and governance initiatives.

This session will include a short demo in which a Quality 4.0 environment will be shown where digital SOPs, proactive compliance and QM documentation are integrated to maximize value and get access to the right information at the right time. The presenter, Scott Armstrong, will navigate through some of the key questions around Quality 4.0:

• What kind of enablers / accelerators can be leverage for digital transformation projects and/or how can you evolve your SOP Management towards a more data-driven approach?

• What are the benefits you can expect?

• What are the challenges and risks?


Government Organizations


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