Fred Moore

Time Management Speaker, Do So Much More, Kissimmee, FL, USA

As a self-employed entrepreneur Fred has had to keep himself motivated and focused on what he wants to get out of life.

He will bring his tried-and-true techniques to get you to your goals. These are not just theories that someone thinks might work, these are practical, real-world tools that anybody can use to get what they want.

Making a living as an entrepreneur is not an easy thing and because of that Fred has learned a few things about; goal setting, keeping yourself motivated, personal development and creating a positive mind-set.

Mixing his humor and magic with the hard-learned life lessons combined with his improvisational skills he creates a custom one-of-a -kind experience that not only entertains but inspires!

Currently Fred lives in Orlando, Florida along with his wife and two amazing daughters. Now that you know he has daughters you'll understand why he doesn't have any hair!


The Secrets to Creating Time Management Magic

In this fast-paced, entertaining, and informative program you will learn how to use your time better, triple productivity and do something that most people in the world don’t do; get what they want out of their lives and business!

After this program you will have the tools, you need to get more done in less time, you’ll relieve some stress, and you will Do So Much More!

You’ll learn things like:

•Brainstorming techniques for tackling problems

•The Magic of Focused Work Segments

•Why time management is a joke

•The 1 thing most people leave out when setting a goal

•The lazy persons guide to productivity.


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