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Dr. Tim O'hanlon

Strategic Advisor, Ascend Healthcare Solutions, Birmingham, WMD, UK

Tim O'Hanlon began his career in the automotive sector as a patrol inspector in the 1970's and became a member of the Chartered Quality Institute (then The IQA) in 1984. He joined DHA International in 1988, the Juran representative in the UK and has worked in many sectors since then in 52 countries. This is Tim's eighth time presenting at the ISO or LSS conferences and on this occasion, he is collaborating with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and Ascend Healthcare Solutions.


The Virtual Quantum Audit

Since introducing the Quantum Audit in 2004, Tim has continued to develop the approach and has worked with clients to engage them in using Microsoft Teams to bring the methodology into the modern era. Even the early versions realized impressive results e.g., Automotive manufacturer – gain of $1 million in first year (efficiency gains); Connector manufacturer – 32% productivity improvement in 5 days in a pilot process; Electronics manufacturer - $8 million in cost savings and new sales in 11 months (NPI process).

The application of the Quantum Audit principles meant sharing links to documents with interested parties prior to an on-line meeting, where suppliers, process team members, quality personnel and customers systematically walked through the end-to-end process and highlighted their experiences. Strengths and areas for improvement were highlighted, action plans, ownership and timelines agreed and improvements implemented and validated.

The language of “non-conformance” is not helpful because the focus is on “what can we do better and how can I help?” Multiple tools are used to steer the conversation including Mentimeter to allow people to comment and contribute anonymously, if they want to but very quickly people are happy to qualify any comments they have added. People have described the approach as “fun” – an audit was fun…when was the last time you heard that?


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