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Pramatha Payra

Director of Business Administration and Global Quality, GCL Solar Materials USA, Pasadena, TX, USA

Pramatha Payra has more than 20 years of expertise across chemicals and materials manufacturing, from research & development to process implementation and quality management.

His experience ranges from water treatment technology to polysilicon production (for both solar and semiconductor markets), and he has led both US domestic and international projects in South Korea and China.

Payra holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and is credentialed as a PMO & Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


QMS Applications for Materials Manufacturing - A Case Study

The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactor was used to produce granular polysilicon. Quality management systems monitor all aspects of the business, including R&D, operation, production, and plant management. Process variation and the measurement system variation can both have an impact on the overall process performance. Process variation can be calculated from the historical data of the production samples. Overall process performance depends on the feed materials, process conditions, product packaging, sample handling and analysis. Measurement system variation can be estimated by gage reproducibility & repeatability (Gage R&R) studies. The objective of this project was to analyze process capability and reduce Boron (B) and Phosphorous (P) in granular polysilicon by controlling process variation. This report includes

(a) the initial analysis of the production samples performed during Phase- 1 (before improvement),

(b) the process improvements that were implemented, and

(c) the analysis of the second set of data from Phase-2 (after the implementation of process improvement), focusing on the B and P impurities.

The justification of this project was to upgrade the quality of the granular polysilicon materials produced from the CVD reactor to meet the internal product specifications, provide high quality materials to the customers, increase sales, and improve the brand.


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