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Owen Ramsay

EMS & QMS Lead Assessor, Houston, TX, USA

Owen is an EMS & QMS Lead Assessor with over 30 years in Quality.

He received a master’s degree in engineering from Arizona State University in Tempe.

Owen was recognized as a fellow of ASQ for outstanding contributions in advancing process understanding and deployment of Lean Six Sigma rapid improvement methodology initiatives; planned and spontaneous talks at ASQ-sponsored events and other technical forums. Own has also been active in promoting and influencing the expansion of diversity within ASQ and non-ASQ leadership communities.

Owen has significant experience in the application of Lean Six-Sigma & ISO 9001:2008 QMS Development. He successfully applied the Lean Six Sigma Rapid Improvement Methodologies (LSSRIM) to achieve alignment of top management’s vision, mission and objectives for a diverse group of clients via Hoshin Kanri strategic planning.

Owen is also skilled in the successful training, implementation, auditing and certification of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System using Lean Six-Sigma Rapid Improvement Method and advanced process control techniques with knowledge of problem solving tools and their correct application for corrective and preventive actions.

Owen received the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Leadership while Chair at the ASQ Long Island Section 0303 and has published articles in ASQ’s Quality Progress and Drug Discovery & Development, he also represented ASQ’s Quality Management Division in Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Mexico.


BEAM 2.0 – Using Bulls-eye Assessment Methodology on ISO 9001 Audits

Business Assurance value rests on a set of core principles providing confidence that:

• Management systems are designed around the most critical business risks

• The management approach is capable of continual improvement

• Processes create results that top management demand

• ISO 9001:2015 compliance: The bottom line or performance results should reflect how successfully risks associated with core processes, key supporting processes, and governance processes are managed. This goal can be accomplished by using the Bull’s-Eye Assessment Method (BeAM). We will explore audit strategies, considerations and cost variances, related to the BeAM assurance tool, including:

• Leadership roles

• BeAM’s model of cost and supplier variations

• Supplier management and audit questions

• Manufacturing/Production operations

• Customer engagement


Government Organizations


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