Roger Ritterbeck

Aerospace Program Manager, Bureau Veritas Certification North America, Houston, TX, US

Roger Ritterbeck is the Aerospace Program Manager for Bureau Veritas Certification North America and serves on the Global Steering Committee for Bureau Veritas Certification Globally.

Mr. Ritterbeck represents Bureau Veritas Certification at the Americas Aerospace Quality Group, Registration Management Committee level and has served on various sub-committees over the years.

At Bureau Veritas, Mr. Ritterbeck is responsible for maintaining the aerospace accreditation and managing the aerospace certification business. He has also developed aerospace training programs that are delivered in public forums. Some of his training programs include; AS9100 Internal Auditor, AS9100 Executive Overview and AS9100D Transition Training.

Mr. Ritterbeck has been in the Certification Industry for 23 years, with roughly 20 years in management. Mostly of the aerospace scheme, when the AS9100 standard was first released in 1999. He is an Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA) certified by Probitas.

Over the years, he has conducted hundreds of audits in aviation, space and defense sectors.

Prior to joining the Certification Industry, Mr. Ritterbeck worked in the aviation manufacturing field for what was formerly Goodyear Aerospace. They were a design, manufacturer and overall organization aircraft braking systems for commercial, military, business and civil aircraft. There he held various Quality Engineering and Quality Management positions.

Outside of work, he enjoys golf, biking, hiking, classic cars and being outside.


Major Changes to Aerospace Certification with AS9104/1 Revis

Major Changes to Aerospace Certification with AS9104/1 Revisions AS9104/1 is the Requirements for Certification of Aviation, Space and Defense (ASD) Quality Management Systems. The certification standards covered under AS9104/1 are AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120. The 9104/1 document is maintained by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). The IAQG developed the International Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme to support the certification of ASD Quality Management Systems. The scheme was built upon existing International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Organization for Standardization requirements for certification of an organizations.

Quality Management System. The ICOP scheme and ISO/IEC requirements have changed over time and the revision to AS9104/1 is aimed at strengthening the alignment between industry and current IAF requirements.

Furthermore, AS9104/1 was revised to align with the latest revisions to the other ICOP scheme requirements documents. AS9104/1 defines the scheme requirements for managing Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) certifications. Other standards in the series are AS9104/2 for defining industry oversight requirements and AS9104/3 for ASD auditor training, development, competence and authentication. This presentation will focus on the changes to AS9104/1 and the impact on ASD certified organizations. The AS9104/1 is being revised to align with ISO/IEC 17021-:2015 and IAF mandatory documents.

There are several changes that will impact ASD certified organizations. One major change is the elimination of campus, several and complex certification structures. The only applicable certification structures will be single site and multi-site. Another major change is the elimination of the Audit Duration Calculator which is being replaced with the Organization Certification Analysis Process (OCAP), which will require input from the certified organization. This will provide allowances for site specific audit duration based on risk and activity.

There are also new requirements to add additional time for audit planning and resulting purposes. There is complete section of the standard that defines requirements for certified ASD organizations. The presentation will go over those in detail and also provide an example of the OCAP tool, along with the risk analysis criteria.

AS9104/1:2022 has been published along with Supplemental Rule 004 for Certification Body (CB) Transition. CB Accreditation is expected to take place in Q1 of 2023.

Within 90 days of approval, audits will begin to the new requirements and that is where certified organizations will be impacted.


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