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The World’s Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Audits
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2024 Conference Chair’s Message

As the ISO 9000 and Audits Conference committee plans for the 2024 conference and establishes the program to focus on relevant topics, one thing is clear, planning for the unknown is challenging. This is exactly the challenge organizations are faced with today.

Organizations continue to be faced with the same challenges: hiring employees, supply chain issues, logistics issues, cyber security concerns, and balancing how employees want to work with the needs of the organization.

Organizations have focused on the controls that are needed to ensure that remote audits are effective. However, the organization of the future must also consider the increasing demand of employees to continue working remotely beyond the pandemic.

Business continuity is a focus on organizations to ensure that they are best prepared for addressing the challenges of the future. The concept of future proofing is becoming part of the norm. Historically future proofing is like the legacy preventive action requirement from ISO 9001 and the concept of risks and opportunities that is used in ISO 9001 today.

This is why ISO 9001 continues to be relevant to organizations and provides the foundation that helps your organization conquer the future. This year’s conference will provide a program that helps your organization achieve this.

We look forward to meeting you in person in beautiful Orlando, Florida, where we will celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the ISO 9000 conference.

Conference Chair

2024 ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference

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