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The World’s Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Audits

The Difference Between ISO 9001 and ISO 9004

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: ISO 9001, ISO 9004

Level: All Levels

ISO 9001 provides a framework for a systematic approach to managing an organization’s processes so that their products or services are consistent and meet client expectations. It also ensures the organization meets applicable laws, regulations and other requirements.

The ISO 9004 standard is intended to help organizations extend the benefits of their QMS to stakeholders and all other interested parties, helping to give sustained success.

At this networking event we will discuss the differences in more depth. 


Dr. Isaac Sheps

Chairman, Central committee for MSS, The Standards Institution of Israel, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Dr. Isaac Sheps’ professional journey is a combination of studies, top management positions and professional activities. Educated in industrial engineering and management; holds an MBA degree and PhD in economics. Retired in 2016 after holding positions of President and CEO of Carlsberg group companies in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, South East Europe, UK, Russia and member of Carlsberg Group Executive Committee as Senior Vice President Eastern Europe covering all former Soviet Union countries. In his time in Russia Dr. Sheps was also the chair of the Russian Beer Association.

Prior to joining Carlsberg, Dr. Sheps held top management positions in the electronic and electro-optic industries in Israel. Prior to his civilian positions Dr. Sheps served in the Israel Air Force for 15 years as an officer reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In May 2013, Dr. Sheps received Denmark’s Royal Medal of Honor in recognition of outstanding and meritorious effort in promoting Danish products abroad. Dr. Isaac Sheps is a recognized expert on global management, leadership and quality management.

For the last 27 years he has been a member of the international committee ISO/TC176, responsible for developing the ISO 9000 family of standards. Author of numerous papers on managing for sustained success of an organization, quality management and productivity. Coauthor of the book ‘The Journey – Achieving sustained organizational success’ published in May 2019 by ASQ Quality Press.

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